Long Resistance Band: Your Portable Workout Companion

The first step to toning your arms and having a rock-solid bicep is adding a long resistance band to your workout session. This equipment increases the range of motion in each set, doing all the work for you. It comes with rubberized handles that are easy to grip and long, adjustable straps.

You can wrap them around your wrists or ankles, depending on how tight they need to be. So, get them today and tone those arm muscles.

And that is not the only gym essential accessory we carry. At Balanced, we also have a wide range of glute resistance bands that is a gym essential to help keep your bum looking good.

So, get them today and tone those arm muscles.

Best Long Resistance Bands for Everyday Workout!

At Balanced, we have two varieties of the best long resistance bands:

The Light Resistance Band offers a light yet impactful workout suitable for all fitness levels. But if you're looking for a high-intensity workout, the medium glute resistance bands are an excellent choice. Both are made from premium fabric that's durable and lightweight, providing a comfortable training experience.

Elevate your workouts with non-slip silicone taping resistance bands and a carry bag for easy transport. Therefore, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, these long-loop resistance bands are ideal for on-the-go workouts.