If you are a new gym goer or have a playlist that you are tired off that needs a little updating don't worry we got your back. We created an amazing playlist that will help you get through your workout while pushing you to reach new limits. We made it easy for you as you will be able to get our playlist at the click of a button.

Our carefully selected high energy songs will allow you to consistently keep motivated through your entire workout while helping you reach new highs.

Sure, some people enjoy listening to birds chirping as they run, or they get energized by the sound of weights smashing the floor at the gym. But for the rest of us, music can make or break a workout. The right tunes can help you perform at your max potential helping you get that extra rep in or HEY, even helping you hit a new PR. Research has shown that music can make you push yourself harder and enjoy your workout more. That’s why a good workout playlist is a necessity.


The Best 3 Workout Genre for Every Kind of Exercise

- Hip Hop

- Dubstep

- Motivational / Sports Anthem


We cant take all the credit for our playlist as it was created by many gym goers / Balanced community. We conducted a survey to over 150 gym goers which were asked to name their top 5 songs they prefer to listen when exercising. After looking over the survey we noticed many repetitive name titles across the board and Hence the Balanced Workout Mix was created.


To get the Balanced Workout Mix please click here.


*Our Music Playlist is constantly getting updated as we want to make sure we help you get the best workout music available during your body transformation journey.*